About Us

About the Valley County Democrats

The Valley County Democrats are united to make positive progressive changes in our county, state and nation. We strongly believe that through political activity we can make our society more just. We believe that policies that serve the middle class and working people are good for our country. We believe in democracy and are against restrictions on our right to vote. We stand against discrimination in all forms.

In Valley County we educate, organize and help get elected candidates that agree with our values and have the experience to make a difference in people’s lives.

Valley County Democrats Officers

Chair: Bill Thomas | valleycountydems@gmail.com

Vice Chair: Bethany Thomas

Secretary: John Schott

Treasurer: Rick Brake

State Committewoman: Jan Thorien

State Committeeman: Jon Glick

Precinct Captains (Central Committee Members)

McCall: Alison Salyer

Payette: Kim Apperson

Roseberry: Bethany Thomas

West Mountain: Chris Hinze

Cascade: Troy Huckaby