VCDCC Web Banner Photo Consent

Privacy: Any photo metadata, titles, alt tags, etc  with personally identifiable information, including your name, will be removed prior to publication of your photo on the web banner (henceforth referred to as “the web banner”). The Valley County Democratic Central Committee (VCDCC) will not disclose personal information associated with these photos unless compelled to do so by a court order.

Items of Consent:

  1. The  VCDCC retains sole discretion as to which photos and what text are included in the web banner. Submitting a photo and accompanying text does not guarantee that either will be included in the web banner. Further, any text and/or photos included in the web banner may be removed by the VCDCC at any time without providing justification or notice.
  2. The VCDCC will edit photos and text prior to publication as necessary to fit the format of the web banner and enhance the photo quality and/or text content.
  3. Subjects of photos in the web banner may request that their photos be removed by sending an email to webmaster Chris Hinze ( or VCDCC Chairman Bill Thomas ( or their successors. The requests will be honored in a timely fashion. No reason needs to be provided for the removal. Parents or guardians of minors appearing in the web banner may likewise request that photos of their child be removed. Emailed requests must include the name of the photo subject and name of a parent or guardian if the subject is a minor, and a contact phone number.
  4. The consent policy is published on the website, and may be updated periodically. Subjects of photos (or parents/guardians of minor subjects) are assumed to accept any changes to the consent policy if they do not request removal of the photos.