Valley County Moving Forward.

Medicaid Expansion Gets 67% Yes votes in Valley County and Passes Statewide.


From Dave Bingaman
THANK YOU to all of our supporters. We could not have done this without you. I look forward to thanking each of you individually yet, for now, I want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts in our campaign, your vote, and your support.


I want to take this moment to reflect and thank all of you who have supported me in my campaign for House seat 8A. We could not have done what we have been able to do without the help of so many of you across Dist. 8. I wish I could say I now represent you all as Rep. Glick, but I am extremely pleased that with your help, we got Prop 2 passed for the 62,000! I am very gratified by this, having worked on the Expansion Initiative for some 10 months. I just talked to Luke M this afternoon and he informed me that Prop 2 Passed in ALL 5 counties in Dist 8!!!!!!!!!! Good work all! It has been my and Bonnie’s pleasure to get to know so many good folks across Dist 8. We will consider you all friends for life now. All of your relentless support has been humbling for me. I truly believe that we have elevated Idaho and our compassionate causes to a new level from which we cannot retreat. We have grown the party and lit fires of enthusiasm and activism. Reclaim Idaho is not going away either. They will just be looking for their/our next cause. (So rest up!) Where this leaves me I do not yet know. To have had the privilege of working with you all has been an inspiration to me. We need to keep this going. We have a powerful message of which we can all be proud. We have been a part of making history in Idaho-and making Idaho a more compassionate state for which I am exceedingly happy and grateful.Thanks to ALL of you, again, for your trust and belief in me, and for your tireless support. Well wishes to you all.

Jon Glick