Mat Erpelding addresses Tacos and Politics Event Feb. 9 at Pueblo Lindo, McCall

Mat Erpelding, Idaho House Minority Leader at Taco and Politics, Saturday, Feb. 9th, Pueblo Lindo, McCall Idaho
Mat addressing capacity crowd at Taco and Politics event
Dave Bingaman, Valley County Commissioner sharing county issues with Mat
Listening to Mat at Taco and Politics event

Mat talked about the attempt to change the redistricting commission from a bipartison commission to a Republican partisan controlled effort by adding a 7th member who would be a republican representative. Our model of 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats is a model throughout the country. The Democratic Members of the House Affairs Committee walked out of the committee when Republicans on that committe proposed without full hearings this drastic change in our constitution. Mat stated that he has begun to a protest of this blatant power grap by reading every bill that comes up on the floor which grinds the legislative process to almost a standstill. These two actions has forced the Republicans in the house to vote to send this atrocious bill back to committee. Stay vigilant!!!!

Mat gave an update on the Medicaid Expansion effort and thanked people throughout the state who came to the legislature last week lobbying for Medicaid Expansion without any barriers. Hundreds lobby Legislature Feb. 4

The audience had many other questions of Mat on other important issues facing the state. From roads to public access to our public lands.

Idaho Voters demand No Restrictions, implement what we voted Yes on Medicaid Expansion.

Tell Lawmakers No Barriers to Coverage: From “Close the Gap”

We expect multiple bills to be introduced on Thursday that would add restrictions to Medicaid and could prevent Idahoans from getting the coverage they need.?See this article for more information. “Vander Woude expects to introduce two versions of his proposal on Thursday: one with about a dozen limitations and another with a few handpicked restrictions that he thinks might have a better chance of passing.” We will provide more information to you as it comes.

In the meantime, it is crucial to make your voice heard to our lawmakers. Idahoans voted to close the coverage gap, not create another gap by adding restrictions?to Medicaid. Tell them that you oppose barriers to coverage and bureaucratic red tape that will result in Idahoans losing coverage. Our email action tool targets the members of the Health and Welfare committees where these bills would originate. Click the button below to let lawmakers know your opposition.
Take Action Now
Add Your Name to the Letter Opposing New RestrictionsClose the Gap is sending a message to legislators: The Idaho way is what Idahoans passed on November 6th. We are collecting signatures for a letter to legislators to oppose adding costly barriers to coverage to Medicaid.With lawmakers actively looking to introduce measures this week to limit Idaho’s Medicaid expansion, it is important that we express this widespread opposition to legislators.?We are counting on?you to take action by signing on today. If you have not yet been able to sign?please click here?to sign on,?and share the link with friends and colleagues.