Meet and Greet with Kaylee Peterson, Democratic Candidate for Congress, Tuesday, June 28 at 5:30 pm, Bistro 45, 1101 North 3rd St. McCall

Come meet Kaylee Peterson who is running for Congress in the First District against Russ Fulcher. Kaylee Peterson is a sixth-generation Idahoan, a mother of two, a foster parent, and a full-time college student. She has worked behind the scenes on campaigns, local non-profits but now sees the need to stand up.

Keylee is running against Russ Fulcher who has aligned himself with the most extreme in D.C. As a part of the Freedom Caucus, Russ Fulcher has voted to overturn the 2020 election results, against veteran’s health, against education, against common sense, bipartisan legislation.

Come to the Bistro 45 to meet Kaylee and spend some time with fellow Democrats that are fed up with these extreme Republicans that have blocked resonable legislation. Food and Drink will be available for purchase.

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