Opportunties to get involved.

Get Active, Be a Valley Democratic Party Precint Captain.

We have 8 precincts in our county. As a precinct captain, you will organize a team of Democrats from your community to communicate the values, principles, and policies that make us all proud members of the Idaho Democratic Party. It is a great place to start to become active to help change the county, state and the country.

Precinct captains are elected in the May 15th primary election. Contact us a valleycountydems@gmail to get info. March 9 is the last day to file for election. You must be a registered as a Democratic to be a Democratic precinct captain.

Valley County Commissioner Race for four year seat is open this November.

The district seat that is open is the seat currently held by Bill Willey which is the area east for Rt. 55, north part of county. If you are a Democratic that is interested in running for the seat, please contact us at valleycountydems@ gmail. This is the same seat that Frank Eld held in the past. March 9th is the deadline for filing.