Successful Valley County Democratic Presidential Caucus

Over 270 people attended our Presidential Caucus March?22 at McCall Donnelly High School.?The turnout was a record statewide with ?nearly 24,000 people in attendance. This year?s caucus turnout beat the previous best, which was in 2008 at about 21,000. Sanders prevailed in the state with 18,640; Clinton with 5,065.

Elected as Valley County delegates for Bernie Sanders were Matthew Ganz, McCall, Chance Cooney, Cascade; Bill Siffords, McCall; alternate Tamara Code, McCall, alternate Dan Wilson, Roseberry; and alternate Jacqueline Crowley, McCall.

Elected for Hillary Clinton were Karen Balch, Cascade and alternate Frank Eld, Roseberry.

Delegates will be attending the June 16-19 Statewide Convention in Boise.