Valley Co. Democratic Caucus- Wednesday, April 18, 6 pm – McCall Golf Course

2016 Valley County Caucus

In the month of April, Idaho Democrats will be holding caucuses in every county in the state of Idaho to elect delegates to the state convention June 29th & 30th in Caldwell, Idaho. Delegates will be voting on and approving the 2018 Party Platform. In Valley County we select four delegates to the state convention.

ELIGIBILITY ? All Registered Democrats are welcome!

CONVENTIONS ? Delegates/Alternates selected at county-level will attend the State Convention June 29-30, 2018 to create and approve the Idaho Democratic Party 2018 Platform. 

PLEASE Preregister for Valley County Caucus: Click to register

Online Delegate Nomination Form – You can submit your self nomination for delegate prior to caucus or at the caucus. Your nomination will be considered even if you are not present at the caucus. It will be a fun event, meet great dems from around the state and learn together how we can make positive change in Idaho.

State Declaration of Delegate Candidacy Form

Banyans on the Green, 925 Fairway Drive, the new restaurant at the McCall Golf Course will have the bar and grill open for food and drink purchases. Preregistration will help the restaurant staff to prepare for event.

Event will begin at 6 pm, caucus will start at 6:45 pm.


Invited Speakers

David Bingaman, Democratic Candidate for Valley County Commissioner

Jon Glick- Writ-in Democratic Candidate for District 8 House Seat A

Elle Casner, Exec. Dir. Idaho Democratic Party

Saturday, April 14, 11 am

Meet at Rite Aid Pharmacy Cafe

451 Deinhard Lane, McCall

As we enter the final month of our campaign to put Medicaid Expansion on the ballot, we are stronger than ever. To date, an estimated 40,000 valid signatures have been collected for Medicaid Expansion.

That leaves us with 16,000 signatures to collect by May 1st. This is phenomenal. If we keep our momentum alive and growing, we will win. 

Volunteers in Valley County have collected way above our goal of 360 signatures. We have collected 483 estimated valid signatures from Valley Co voters. 6% of all registered voters was our goal but we got 9% of the current registered voters signed. In addition we got a number of signatures from other counties.

Great work by our local team. That went to friends, events and marched and collected signatures at Winter Carnival.

Join us Saturday, April 14 to get health care to 78,000 citizens of idaho.