Valley County Democratic Picnic: Great Success!!!



Over 50 people attended our annual picnic Tuesday, July 15 at Kathy and Frank Eld?s home. We raised over $1300 dollars for Democratic candidates for statewide and congressional candidates.

City of McCall Mayor, Jackie Aymon opened the event with a call to improve our roads and infrastructure in McCall. Due to lack of state funding we are falling behind in upkeep of our roads and supported the concept of an increase in sales tax of 1% in McCall. It is the only fair way to do it with locals and visitors contributing to the upkeep of our roads. ?Complete Survey by city council on this proposal.

Shirley Ringo who is running for Congress explained why we need a candidate that cares about our district. We need someone who fights for funding for roads and infrastructure. A candidate that? stands up for women?s right to have health insurance that funds? family planning and not restricted by their employer.

Marilyn Howard, former Idaho?s Superintendent of Public Instruction spoke in favor of Jana Jones who is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction.? Marilyn told us that Jana believes that budget cuts have negatively affected the quality of our children?s education.

Deborah Silver reminded us why she is running for State Treasurer. Too long have we have watched the current Treasurer milk his expense accountant with limos in New York City and hide investment losses under his control. It is time for responsible management.

Holli Woodings who is running for Secretary of State talked about the need to expand voting and not restrict it. We need a Secretary of State that believes voting is a right not a privilege.

Unfortunately A.J. Balukoff , our candidate for Governor could not attend along with Nels Mitchell for U.S. Senate who had scheduling conflicts but hope to come up again soon to our county.

Music was provided by Dan Wilson and Frank Eld lead the auction. Much thanks to Jan Thorien and Gail Bray who headed the Picnic Committee. ?Jim Arp who lead set up and Bill Thomas who was the M.C. Thanks to Sue Ann Epps who managed the money raised and lastly Kathy Eld who opened her home and provided much support.



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