Valley County Voter ID Virtual Training- Find our voters by making calls. Monday, August 24, 7-8 pm MT

We need help to call voters in Valley County from your home.  More than 35% of all voters in Idaho are registered as unaffiliated, which makes it all the more important to reach out to this voter base. When we  I.D. voters we are able to turn out democrats at election time. 

A lot of volunteers ask, ?How will this help Biden win? or ?How are these calls effective in helping our local candidates win??  The answer is identifying new democrats to add to our base helps every Democratic candidate on the county, state, and national level. The more Democrats we identify, the more people we can call, text, canvass, or mail literature to the more successful our efforts will be in Idaho!

Morgan Hine, the Operations Director of the Idaho Democratic Party will lead the training. She will go over the script we use, the data base where we record the responses. and she will answer your questions. 

At the end of the training we will set up a volunteer schedule for your calls from home. A few hours of your time can make a difference. If you want to make change this is one effective way you can do it.

Click here to register for the training. You will get a link in your email inbox to our zoom training on Sunday, August 23